Linco Flora Fluorescent Light Bank W/ Remote Control


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MFR Code: PE9031 Linco
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PE9031 Linco Flora Fluorescent Light Bank W/ Remote Control $179.99 
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PE3480 Linco Flora 35'' Hexogen Easy Softbox 1 $54.99 
PP170051 Linco 85W Softwhite Daylight Photo Energy Bulb 6 $173.94 
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  Flora®, a remote controllable light bank with a revolutionary design, delivers powerful illumination. The remote controllable light bank is suitable for still photography or filmmaking. Comparing to other high wattage light banks, Flora® remote controllable light bank has several distinguished advantages, including smaller in size, improved rigidity, easy installation, and convenient in moving from place to place. Comparing to other light banks with similar size, the Flora® remote controllable light bank can install high-wattage fluorescent bulbs.

  With remote controllable features; Turning on and off the lights just getting lot easier, no more hassle of lowering the stands to turn on and off and re-adjust the stands. you can mount the light head high above on the ceiling and still able to turn lights on and off. Direct command chipsets can turn lights on and off with remote controller and still able to switch on and off on back the light panel. Direct command chipsets allow user to control the unit up to 250 ft. Spare remote is included in case of one got lost or allowing another user to take control of the light unit. Each remote is dedicated to its light unit.

  Flora®, remote controllable light bank shares the same characteristic with PE9030, they all uses flame-retardant Nylon. High quality nylon is used to extend the lifespan of the product, and to reduce surface cracks through aging and normal wear and tear. The fire resistant nylon has passed several tests that fire will die out within three seconds after the source of fire is removed.

  The installation of Flora® remote controllable light bank and its softbox is extremely simple. Smart design allows users to pop up the softbox with ease and completes the whole assembly for less than 30 seconds.

  Constructed with the re-designed hexagon structure, the light bank tends be more resistant to impact. Flora® remote controllable light bank is capable of withstanding much greater impact that the bank shows no signs of cracks or failure even when it is dropped from the top of a three-story building.

  Flora® remote controllable light bank is designed for ergonomics that is designed with a large soft grip for easy and convenient handling. A larger handle allows users to better adjust and tilt the light bank. With the foaming wrapping around the handle, the design helps the user to grab the handle easily.

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